Learn about the Team at Harmony Public Schools, including our Chief Executive Officer / Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent of Operation and Business, and Chief Financial Officer.
Photo of Fatih Ay

Fatih Ay

Chief Executive Officer / Superintendent

Our CEO/Superintendent, Fatih Ay has served the students of Harmony Public Schools since 2004. He has always made student learning and achievement the focus of his work and truly wants to make a difference for children in HPS.

Mr. Ay has 20 years of educational experience which includes formerly being the Dallas Area superintendent of Harmony Public Schools for 9 years and founding principal of Harmony Science Academy in El Paso. He is also a former assistant principal, and served as a science teacher and coach on various curricular teams. He has a master's degree in education, specializing in instructional technology and a bachelor's degree in Physics.

As Superintendent, Mr. Ay is dedicated to several major initiatives that will drive student success in HPS. His priorities for advancement are within the areas of instructional technology, STEM, college and career readiness initiative, and post-secondary success and support.

Photo of Nihat Bayhan

Nihat Bayhan

Deputy Superintendent of Operation and Business

Dr. Bayhan’s Harmony journey started in 2002 as a math teacher at Harmony’s first Austin campus, which was only the second campus in the state. He has served as Harmony’s Chief Financial Officer since 2018. He previously also served as HPS Chief Internal Auditor from 2014-2018 and an Area Superintendent from 2010-2014.

Dr. Bayhan earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Bogazici University in Turkey, his Master's Degree from Texas A&M, and Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from Lamar University.

Photo of Ebru Akyildiz

Ebru Akyildiz

Chief Financial Officer

Ebru has been a part of the Harmony family for more than 14 years, serving in a variety of key positions in accounting, payroll, benefits, and capital management. Prior to her current role as CFO, her primary responsibilities included managing and finding financial resources for Harmony’s capital needs, overseeing financial accountability through Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST), working with rating agencies Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s to improve and maintain Harmony’s credit rating, and managing financial reporting to internal and external stakeholders, as well as investment and all banking relations. Ebru received her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Houston.